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Our ancestors for generations have developed various cuisines to not be just a necessity for sustainability but also as a health remedy that would help us lead a better life towards the future. In the history of Indian cuisines, every ingredient added in a dish has its special properties and health benefits because in our country food is considered equivalent to medicines. Even in this 21st Century, Indians have followed this tradition in their day to day life. We in 5K Food Care wholeheartedly understand this principle and have dedicated our time and energy to developing our products that would resonate that principle to our customers.Some of our food products like Karumbu Sakkarai will not only fulfill your hunger but also replenish you with the nutrients that are required to keep you active and healthy throughout the day. These products are made from organically cultivated crops to ensure they withhold their complete nutrients within them.

Our Mission

To create Healthy and wealthy people by providing best prices to farmers, offering women employment that enhances lifestyle and providing quality multiple food product at affordable prices in society around the world.

Our Vision

Our company is committed to serve natural food products by adding value to everything that we do for our consumers.
We focus on developing meaningful relationship, enhancing growth and contributing for well-being of all stakeholders through excellence in Food product business.


We provide outstanding food products and services with true value for their money.

Customer Satisfaction:

We develop relationship that make a positive difference in our customer's lives


We are 100% committed to deliver what we promise in order to building ever lasting relationship.


Exceed expectations in our field. we continually improve our standards and processes. We do our best at all time.



We always prefer to stay positive no matter how difficult things get because there is no problem that we cannot solve.


We are all responsible for our own actions and act as if our group’s activities were our own in order to help our group prosper in the long run.


We believe in the need to combine our talents in order to foster our community.

Why Cane Sugar

As evident by its names, raw, organic cane sugar is the healthiest type of cane sugar as it undergoes the least amount of processing. Next, refined organic sugar is a healthier version of natural sugar.

Cane Sugar

5k Food Care


Cane Sugar is a natural and traditional delicious sweetener Made by concentrating sugar cane juice and is known all over the world by different local names. We provide chemical free and no added adulteration, sugar Flavours. Cane Sugar was one of the main sources of sugar before sugar came into existence. Cane Sugar is the highest form of natural sugar made from the fresh extract of sugar cane juice. It is made by evaporating the sugar cane juice in a natural method that would allow the product to retain the complete flavour of sugar.

Benefits for Children

  • Helps to improve immunity
  • Helps in Brain development
  • Reduces loss in appetite
  • Instant Energy
  • Rich in source of Iron and antioxidants
  • Minerals like magnesium, chloride and vitamin C.
5k Food Care
5k Food Care

Benefits for Women

  • Helps in balanced hormonal system
  • Maintains Haemoglobin level
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Boost Immunity
  • Helps in building strong bone
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium and vitamin C

Aged People

  • Maintains blood sugar level
  • Supports digestive system
  • Increases Immunity level
  • Purifies the blood
  • Good source of energy
  • Relieves Joints pain


1. Direct substitute for white sugar and can be used in tea, coffee and juices as an alternative.

  • Milk or Black Tea made with Cane sugar
  • Milk or Black coffee made with Cane sugar
  • All kind of fresh fruit Juices

2. Widely used as the main ingredient for making sweets.

  • Cane Sugar Roti Recipe
  • Peanut Laddu recipe
  • Cane Sugar rice recipe
  • Ragi Laddu recipe
  • Whole wheat sweet appam recipe
  • Badam laddu
  • Pasi paruppu payasam
  • Kadalai paruppu payasam recipe
  • Masala lassi recipe
  • Rice payasam recipe and much more.

3. Raw Cane Sugar is one of Ayurvedic Ingredients.

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