Wheat Flour Description

Wheat flour is made from grinding the wheat grain into a fine powder. It is widely classified by various characteristics such as the season it is grown, it is hard or soft wheat and by the amount of protein content present in it. The protein content in wheat is called gluten and it is found in higher proportion in hard wheat than the soft wheat. Gluten is the nutrient that gives form for the baked goods made from wheat. It also provides the wheat to become more elastic when made into the dough for making rotis and bread. Wheat as other nutrients like carbs, fiber, fat and calories present in it. Wheat can help in solving indigestion and acts as a food source for the good bacteria present in our digestive system. It can prevent us from colon cancer and reduce the risk of the disease from emerging.


Wheat flour is the most essential ingredient in some of the Indian cuisines. Predominantly it is used to make dishes like roti, poori and dosa. Wheat is the staple food in some of the northern parts of India. In other countries, it is used to make bread, pancake and other baked goods and it is the key ingredient in making pasta.