Ragi Description

The Ragi grain is cultivated throughout every state of India from which Ragi powder is made out. Ragi universally known as millet is available all over the nation in every nook and corner. This healthy food is affordable to people of all classes. The graded Ragi grain is dried naturally in sunlight and then is powdered into flour. It has high protein and fiber content that makes it an ideal source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Unlike other nutritional grains, Ragi is so tiny that it cannot be polished, thus it is consumed by the people in its purest form. Since a substantial number of international nutritionists found about Ragi’s health benefits the grain has been exported worldwide in large quantities.


Ragi being cultivated nationwide also allows it to be consumed in many different ways. In South India, the Ragi flour is made into a batter and is cooked as dosa. Rotis are made from Ragi flour across India which makes it a brilliant substitute for atta. Supermarkets have started selling Ragi wheat bread as a variant to normal bread. It is also made into a dough mixed with the right amount of sugar and consumed as simple as that. Chefs that experiment with the ingredients have tried all sorts of things with Ragi flour by making Ragi chocolate cake, Ragi pancake and Ragi cookies.