Sambar Description

Sambar is a recipe of marvel that originated from the Southern parts of India and can be appropriately depicted as a 'wellbeing food'. The different dals, vegetables, flavors and toppings that go into a common Sambar makes it rich in antioxidants. Sambar gives all the supplements that the body requires in day to day life. It has the perfect blend of nutrients like protein, fiber, zinc and folic acid in a meal. Sambar is not just any common food but medicine by itself that acts to keep your health in balance.

Sambar can be had with rice as any South Indian does it regularly, or it can be savored with Idlis, Vadas, etc. In recent times Sambar, particularly with Idlis has garnered more acknowledgments nationwide in India and is considered a fantastic food for digestion and weight reduction.


Sambar is a predominant food in every state of Southern India which distinct the taste so unique from one region to another. Even the vegetables added in Sambar differs from the region it is made. Sambar in Karnataka tastes sweet with the addition of jaggery, whereas a Kerala Sambar is made from a mix of vegetables and Sambar in Tamil Nadu traditionally has one vegetable in it. The Kerala Sambar is cooked in coconut oil that gives it a distinct Malabar cuisine aroma.