Karumbu Sakkarai Description

Karumbu Sakkarai was one of the main sources of sugar before white sugar came into existence. Karumbu sakkarai is the highest form of natural sugar made from the fresh extract of sugar cane juice. It is made by evaporating the sugar cane juice in a natural method that would allow the product to retain the complete flavour of sugar. Unlike normal crystal sugar, Karumbu Sakkarai is made from sugar canes that are grown organically without the exposure of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Karumbu Sakkarai is also free of foreign substances such as colour, preservatives or chemicals. It increases the digestive enzymes in our body which helps us in proper digestion. It is gluten-free and can detox the liver from dangerous toxins. Karumbu Sakkarai contains nutrients such as zinc and antioxidants. Doctors prescribe it as the best substitute for a sweetening agent for diabetic patients.


Apart from its health benefits Karumbu Sakkarai also acts as a natural sweetener in cuisines. It is a direct substitute for white sugar and can be used in tea, coffee and juices as an alternative. It is widely used as the main ingredient for making barfis. It is used in traditional sweet dishes like mysorpa, halwa and laddu to give them a natural flavour of sweetness.