Tea Description

Our tea leaves are grown organically in the hill stations of India to give the leaves their natural taste. The tea leaves are free from pesticides, chemicals and other foreign substances. The tea leaves are taken from the estates at their prime and then dried in a natural process so that the tea leaves flavour, aroma and essence stay within them. Tea is not just an ordinary drink but a medicine by itself. Some of its health benefits are to improve heart health, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. Tea helps in improving your digestion levels. The main benefit that as increased the consumption of tea is that it helps reduce weight.


Tea for Indians is something they cannot live without and that has made them develop tea into many variants over time. The most classic type is to have your team made with either milk or just water. The other variants of the drink have ginger added in it to give a different flavour, whereas some add cardamom and lemon essence. There is also a tea flavour that is famous in the northern parts of India called masala tea in which a blend of masala is added to give them unique flavour to the drink.